Adesua Etomi Vexed on Instagram Over Pregnancy Observers

adesua etomi vexed on instagram

“You people need to stop this. Gosh.” This was the words of Nollywood Actress, Adesua Etomi responding to a post on Instagram.

In the post Sophy wrote @adesuaetomi I guess ur pregnant huh. Immediately Adesua saw the post she could not relent but reply aggressively.

We all know the life these celebrities live and how painful and hard it is for them to keep their private life secret. I tell you, it’s not easy.


So, the social media users, media persons and bloggers will get on their neck every time.

adesua etomi vexed on instagram

For the female celebrities; first all eyes will be on the man you are dating and when you will get married. Suddenly you get married today, attention will shift to when you will give birth.

What about the baby comes? Your marriage will still be here, yea I mean online. Lols. Can’t blame anybody for being a celebrity.

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Sure. The guys too have privacy issue.

Like in the case when Ini Edo waist surgery trends on Instagram You see? This is how everyone gets on issues concerning these celebrities.

So, this is another case, this time the target is Adesua Etomi, Nigerian Actress married to RnB singer Banky W. In the gist, the termed “Womb watcher” or “Pregnancy Observers” as I choice to called her drew the Wedding Party actress’s attention.

adesua etomi vexed on instagram

Indirectly, we know Sophy asked when the celebrity couple will get a child as it’s been a while since the got married on 19 November 2017.

Then, Adesua Etomi replied her looking so agree and vexed in her words; “You people need to stop this”. What’s our opinion on this one oh…… Lols, please let us know.

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