Man Kills Co-Worker After Stealing His Money

Man kills co-worker, steals his money and dump his body

Today was really a dark and sympathetic day. One Mr. ThankGod Emmanuel have been arrested for killing his co-worker. Hmm “Man kills co-worker, steals his money and dump his body”.

ThankGod who is a bricklayer said he kill his co-worker because he did not want him to tell anyone that he stole his money. He wanted to keep the story out from the public, but ended up behind the bars.

The victim is identified as Tita Komla. He killed him using a digger in Sauka-Kahuta Area, Minna Really bad for him, isn’t it?


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How much did he steal from his friend?

He actually stole N47,000 from him, killed him and dumped his body inside the gutter somewhere outside town. He also stated that he used a digger on his head and he died instantly.

When he was asked why he kill someone just to steal money he said “I never knew the Police would get to me”. He said he really feel disappointed and its unfortunate for him.

With the raise of crime in Nigeria, what do you have to say of this one? Maybe you can drop a comment below, let us know how u feel about this situation.

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