Newborn Baby Found Death And Cold Inside A Cartoon

newborn baby found death

Another bad news, this time in Anambra State. A newborn baby was found death and cold being wrapped in a carton along Bank road, in Nnewi Anambra state.

The cartoon was discovered by a resident in the area very early in the morning.

He explained how he found the newborn baby outside the street. According to him, the baby was noticed to be a boy and died because he was left unclothed overnight.


I will be surprise if this shocking news would stop happening in our country. Right I am unable to tell you if the newborn baby was dumped by the mother.

But you know how some mothers are without sympathy these days. I once reported how father raped daughter and claimed he was drunk.

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A resident in Nnewi said:

“This have left us in deep shock that the mother carried the baby for 9 months and without human sympathy she had to dump the baby by the road side.

See photos:

newborn baby found deadnewborn baby found deadnewborn baby found dead


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