Stefflon Don Takes Final Bow On Her Dating Rumor With Burna Boy

Stefflon Don speaks on her relationship with Burna Boy

Stefflon Don speaks on her relationship with Burna Boy
There is more now between British rapper Stefflon Don and Nigerian Afrobeats singer Burna Boy.

For those of us who knows, Burna Boy and the Hurtin’ Me rapper has been in romantic scene recently. If you remember, Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy shared a video on his Instagram sometime ago.

In the video, Steff was seen comfortably sleeping on the singer’s chest. Meanwhile, he was without shirts.


What? want will do you think.

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News went viral on social media about the the relationship enjoyed by the celebrities immediately after the video went viral.  Since then, Steff, who is 27 has been silent on the issue.

But now again. The Hurtin’ Me rapper went online to clear the news on what is happening between them. She posted on her status “Relax guys he aint’t hit yet but that’s bae”

You see? that’s the news.

The other time Burna Boy posted a short video on Instagram, Stefflon Don was seen cooking in the kitchen. Maybe she was preparing lunch or dinner, who knows?

Meanwhile, the Dating rumor between the Steff and the Heaven’s Gate singer continues to strike the internet community.

In conclusion; the British rapper answered questions from her fans sometime and here, she was asked if she was “half Nigerian”. She replied “No but my kids will (probably) be.

Maybe this is a point we have to say, the celebrating might be expecting babies soon. Yea, that might possibly happen.

Stefflon Don was latter asked another question after her choice of dating a “normal person”, she replied: “Yea, but he has to have his own money”.

So count on these celebrities, anything might happen soon. Feel free to tell us what’s your take on this. Thanks for reading.

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