UK lady Honey G sacked from her job for being too popular


Former X Factor hopeful Honey G sacked from her job as an estate agent because she claims her bosses ‘didn’t realise how famous’ she was.

Honey G whose real name is Anna Gilford – has said she was ‘shocked’ that she had lost her new job as an estate agent.

She is thought to have started work in November for north London estate agency Chancellors but she has now claimed that her focus remains on her music, promising fans she will be releasing new music soon. ‘My boss had told me that he was expecting me to give up my music career which I am obviously not prepared to do,’ she said.


Speaking to The Sun, she added:

‘Music is my love and passion, and my ambitions are about being a worldwide music artist. ‘I had no intention of being an estate agent long term. I was hoping that a big opportunity for my music career would come in. I do believe I belong on stage.’

Honey shot to fame in 2016 when she auditioned for The X Factor. She shocked the judges and viewers with an OTT outfit of gold clothes, gold trainers, gold chain and giant sunglasses with her name scrolling across them, and her catchphrase:

‘When I say Honey you say G.’ Honey G faced criticism for being a novelty act, including by judge Nicole Scherzinger, but she has always insisted that she wants to make a career from music; she was signed by Simon Cowell’s record label Syco despite only coming fifth but was later axed when debut single The Honey G Show flopped in the charts.

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